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When we tell visiting Australians that there's a great Australian restaurant in Astoria, their first question is always; "What's Australian food?"
The short answer.  Healthy.

At The Thirsty Koala, everything on the menu utilizes local, organic fruits, eggs and dairy and all of the meats are free range, grass fed, and free of hormones or antibiotics.
They make their own goat cheese & farmers cheese and source a lot of special ingredients only found in Australia.  You'll find lemon myrtle pancakes, wattleseed waffles, and, our personal favorite, an array of kangaroo dishes like a burger, tacos, or steak.

You'll find a great Australian beer & wine list as well and excellent service.  The menu's not overwhelming but there are definitely diverse enough choice to get something completely different each time.
<![CDATA[#MustDoMondays- Thanksgiving, A Foodie Happy Hour, Craft Beer Pairings & More!]]>Mon, 23 Nov 2015 15:48:18 GMThttp://www.urbanoyster.com/blog/mustdomondays-thanksgiving-a-foodie-happy-hour-craft-beer-pairings-more
Made in the USA:  American Craft Beer & Cheese
Tue Nov 24, 6:30pm
Experience an all-American beer & cheese waiting at Murray's Cheese.
More info here.

Thanksgiving Kitchen Tour
Sat Nov 28, 1pm

See demonstrations of holiday cooking in colonial times in Historic Richmond Town and learn the history of the traditional American Thanksgiving menu.
More info here.

The Brooklyn Slur:  61 Local
Mon Nov 30, 7pm

Slow Food’s NYC Happy Hour- mingle with fellow foodies.
​More info here.

Historic Trolley Tour
Sun Nov 29, 1pm

Explore the history of Green-Wood Cemetery.
More info here.

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There's an art to how you eat Soba.

Nestled on Kenmare St.- that ugly strip where Little Italy melds into Nolita/SoHo- Cocoron Soba isn't a spot you'd pass by and notice right away (they also have another shop on the LES, on Delancey St.).  But enter inside, and you'll find a bustling, authentic noodle shop, complete with chefs seriously cooking behind the wood counter.

You can grab your noodles hot or cold, although if you grab hot make sure to eat your noodles as fast as humanly possible so as to not let them over cook.  Don't worry, it's never rude to slurp.  The cold come on a beautifully presented platter complete with a dipping sauce that takes some chopsticks skill to dip the noodles without making a complete mess.

Cocoron means "heartwarming" which is exactly what you'll find here, filling, Japanese comfort food.
<![CDATA[#MustDoMondays- A Holiday Spirits Bazaar, A Harvest Wrap Party & A Brooklyn Takedown]]>Mon, 16 Nov 2015 12:30:01 GMThttp://www.urbanoyster.com/blog/mustdomondays-a-holiday-spirits-bazaar-a-harvest-wrap-party-a-brooklyn-takedown
The American Dream in NYC
Wed Nov 18, 6:30pm
Learn about the new American Dream of manicurists, nannies, and other modern NYC laborers at the Tenement Museum.
More info here.

Harvest Wrap Party
Fri Nov 20, 7pm

Join the Red Hook Winery for some light fair and their wine from this season.
More info here.

Brooklyn Chili Takedown
Sun Nov 22, 12pm
Taste your way through Brooklyn's best chili.
More info here.

The 6th Annual Holiday Spirits Bazaar
Thu Nov 19, 7pm

Sip through holiday cocktails mixed up by the city’s best bartenders hosted at the Bowery Hotel.
More info here.